Speaker Repair
We offer repair and reconing of thousands of different speakers.
We specialize in the repair and servicing of very high excursion subwoofers.

At® we can repair your speaker or subwoofer to factory specifications
or we can also custom built them to YOUR specification! We understand what it takes to make loudspeakers perform the way YOU want them to, and can build them to suit.

Speaker Testing
We offer full speaker testing services. We are able to provide detailed t/s parameters, enclosure recommendations, and more.

Obtain Service
To obtain a service quote please fill out the Service Request Form and submit your request. We will contact you with a service number to be used when sending in your speaker for repair.

Prices vary from speaker to speaker. Prices start from just $25 for repair services, and $50 for reconing services. We can offer a better quote once we receive more information about your speaker, and the specifics of the repairs that are needed.

Speakers repaired or rebuilt by® are covered by a 1 year warranty.
Our warranty covers all workmanship and materials on any defective parts or service.
The warranty does not cover burnt voice coils or customer abuse.